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Bar Tables

Bar Tables

Bar Table hire in London and UK

Sick of unsteady poseur tables, coverd under linen? Our bar tables don't have to hide. Stainless steel frames give our bar tables their solid stand. A changeable table top ensures a large variety of finishes and make it easy to have a spotless table ever and ever.
The modular system offers a vast variety of square and rectangular dimensions and ways to set up your event. With the Fluctus system, Eventwide introduces a new way of thinking high tables in curves and stars and their contribution to create unforgettable moments.
Get inspired and don't settle for less.


  • A1063: Bar Table White 50x50 white
  • A1064: Bar Table White 30x100 white
  • A1065: Bar Table White 50x100 white
  • A1392: Bar Table White 100x250 white
  • A2553: Bar Table White 100x140 white


  • A1075: Bar Table Rio 50x50 brown
  • A1076: Bar Table Rio 30x100 brown
  • A1077: Bar Table Rio 50x100 brown


  • A2238: Bar Table Black 50x50 black
  • A2239: Bar Table Black 30x100 black
  • A2240: Bar Table Balck 50x100 black


  • A2330: Bar Table Oak 50x50 brown
  • A2332: Bar Table Oak 50x100 brown


  • A2660: Bar Table Look 50x50
  • A4809: Bar Table Look 50x100

Glass & Basin

  • A1932: Bar Table Glass 50x50
  • A1933: Bar Table Glass & Basin 50x50

Fluctus white

  • A2101: Bar Table Fluctus 45 white
  • A2102: Bar Table Fluctus 90 white
  • A2103: Bar Table Fluctus 360 white

Fluctus black

  • A2547: Bar Table Fluctus 45 black
  • A2548: Bar Table Fluctus 90 black
  • A2549: Bar Table Fluctus 360 black

Accessories for bartables

  • A2893: Basin 24x50 stainless steel