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Hire a table

Rent a Dining and Coffee Table

Boost your lounge area with a unique coffee table. The flexibility of the Eventwide system offers all the possibilities you have on bar tables for the coffee tables as well. This gives you the option to perfectly match every area of your event.

Coffee Tables

  • A1907: Coffee Table White 50x50 white
  • A1908: Coffee Table White 50x100 white
  • A1330: End Table Low Labyrinth white
  • A1905: Coffee Table Rio 50x50 brown
  • A1906: Coffee Table Rio 50x100 brown
  • A2226: Coffee Table Black 50x50 black
  • A2244: Coffee Table Black 50x50 black
  • A2317: End Table Low Labyrinth, Black
  • A1923: Coffee Table Glass 50x50
  • A1924: Coffee Table Glass & Basin 50x50
  • A2333: Lounge Coffee Table Oak 50x50 brown
  • A2334: Lounge Coffee Table Oak 50x100 brown
  • A2104: Coffee Table Fluctus 45 white
  • A2105: Coffee Table Fluctus 90 white
  • A2106: Coffee Table Fluctus 360 white
  • A2550: Lounge Coffee Table Fluctus 45 black
  • A2551: Lounge Coffee Table Fluctus 90 black
  • A2552: Lounge Coffee Table Fluctus 360 black
  • A2663: Lounge Coffee Table Look 50x50

Dining Tables

  • A0942: Dining / Buffet Table White 80x80 white
  • A2535: Dining Table 80x140 white
  • A2366: Dining / Buffet Table Black 80x80 black
  • A2879: Dining Table 80x140 black
  • A3118: Dining / Buffet Table Oak 80x80
  • A3120: Dining / Buffet Table Oak 80x140