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Buffet Tables

The new Eventwide buffet table system for London

Top class food deserves top class presentation. The basic element is a 80x80 table in two heights. Add front panels to cover the tables and use the space under the table for storage. A wide range of color themes give the event furniture its look.
No need for linen and cloth on this tables. It's easy to clean the hole evening or during multiple day events. A spotless catering all the time and a funky eycatcher for exhibitions.

Tables & Panels

  • A0942: Dining / Buffet Table White 80x80 white
  • A2599: Buffet Table high White, 80x80, white
  • A2535: Dining Table 80x140 white
  • A2366: Dining / Buffet Table Black 80x80 black
  • A2739: Buffet Table high Black 80x80 black
  • A2879: Dining Table 80x140 black
  • A2696: Buffet Table stainless steel 80x80
  • A2697: Buffet Table stainless steel 80x80
  • A2698: Buffet Table Chafing stainless steel 80x80
  • A2699: Buffet Table high Chafing stainless steel 80x80
  • A3118: Dining / Buffet Table Oak 80x80
  • A3119: Buffet Table high oak 80x80
  • A3120: Dining / Buffet Table Oak 80x140
  • A2283: Panel Buffet Table White 80 white
  • A2600: Panel Buffet Table high White, 80, white
  • A2367: Panel Buffet Table Black 80 black
  • A2605: Panel Buffet Table Black 80 high, black
  • A2606: Panel Buffet Table Uni 80, white
  • A2820: Panel Buffet Table Uni 80 high, white
  • A2806: Panel Buffet Table 80 Oak
  • A2807: Panel Buffet Table high 80 Oak

Buffet Modules

  • A2700: Cover Plate for Buffet Table, stainless steel
  • A2701: Buffet Riser 25x80 white
  • A2702: Buffet Riser 50x80 white
  • A2704: Buffet Riser 25x80 black
  • A2705: Buffet Riser 50x80 black
  • A3274: Buffet Riser 25x80 Oak
  • A3275: Buffet Riser 50x80 Oak