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Seating Furniture


Chair Rental London

The Dining Chair in white and black is our answer to padded seating without the need for a cover. Made of stainless steal with a soft pad and flexible backrest. Beside our own creation we offer the design classic Panton Chair. The original one from Vitra!


  • A2437: Dining Chair white
  • A2438: Dining Chair black
  • A0458: Panton Chair white

other Seating Furniture

  • A1333: Bench Labyrinth white
  • A2320: Bench Labyrinth black
  • A3223: Bench Labyrinth Oak
  • A2269: Bench Labyrinth padded white
  • A2317: End Table Low Labyrinth, Black
  • A1330: End Table Low Labyrinth white